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red lips permanent makeup

 Permanent Makeup - Lip Blush 

lip blush
Lip Blush Colchester
lip blush

What is Lip Blush? how can it help?

I always recommend my clients bring along their favourite lipstick/gloss so I can get ideas and match up some goal colours!


Lip Blush is a mild tattoo also known as cosmetic tattoo, permanent makeup or semi permanent makeup. It can help with the shape and the symmetry of your lips, giving the allusion of fuller and more voluminous lips. Lip Blush can shape your lips and give you a soft wash of colour, while Full Lip Colour can give you a bolder more saturated effect (which ever is desired).

Lip Blush is a beautiful soft wash of colour effect, more natural and enhancing, while full lip colour is more dense in colour creating a more bold effect while also correcting shape & symmetry. We can discuss all of this during consultation in person or over the phone if you're unsure/confused


Permanent Makeup is completely bespoke to each client with your goals and aspirations for your lips taken into account from the very beginning.

Get in touch to book an appointment for permanent lip blush treatments from the clinic in Colchester. 


I’m always more than happy to help with any questions and concerns you might have about permanent lip treatments.

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