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soft powder brows or ombre brows

Permanent Eyebrows

soft powder brows
soft powder brows
soft powder brows

Permanent makeup gives you a defined and beautiful look for your eyebrows with Microblading (hair strokes), Soft Powder Brows (bold, soft or Ombre), or a combination of the two, meaning that every day when you wake up, your makeup is already done. You don’t have to worry about applying makeup or sculpting your eyebrows in the morning, with your brows already looking as good as they possibly can at all times. 


During your consultation we talk about the look you are after, it can be super natural results in which I will apply hair strokes (microblading) that mimic natural hair patterns with a hand tool, if its a fuller brow or a more defined brow I would recommend soft powder which is created by machine this can be natural, softer or bolder. I use a variety of techniques to achieve desired looks. If its a fuller brow you want but have sparse brows then I would recommend a combination brow, I use both machine and hand tool to create the perfect fluffy full look.

Contact me today to get your permanent makeup journey started. I can’t wait to start working with you and showing you how good your eyebrows can look, all with minimal input in the mornings.



I’m always more than happy to help with any questions and concerns you might have about permanent eyebrow makeup, so if you’d like to know any more about the services that I offer, make sure to get in touch. 

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