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soft powder brows or ombre brows

Permanent Eyebrows

soft powder brows
soft powder brows
soft powder brows

Permanent makeup for brows will give you a defined and beautiful look for your eyebrows. The mapping and measuring will achieve more symmetrical brows and brow shape. I offer Soft Powder Brows and Combination Brows.


Soft Powder Brow is my favourite and most popular style, this can be bolder or soft and airy depending on each individual client. This style is great for hiding patchy areas, great for those who pencil their brows daily, uneven brows and all ages of clients. All skin types are perfect or this style - oily, dry and normal. Over 18 months it fades beautifully and will be ready for a annual top up. I prefer a softer look so that every day when you wake up, your brow makeup is already done but it also looks natural enough with no need apply any other face makeup. 

Combination Brow is becoming more popular, the reason for this is the soft powder style is great for the shape and definition but the hair strokes added at the fronts just give that slight more natural look blending into the soft powder. Adding the few hair strokes at the front softens the look a little and can always be pencilled over for a night out/evening for a more dramatic or defined look. This style is more suited to those with normal to dry skin types due to oily skin types tending to lose the pigment a little quicker on the hair strokes. Top ups are recommended every 18 months. 


During your consultation we talk about the look you are after, it can be super natural results in which I will apply hair strokes (microblading) that mimic natural hair patterns with a hand tool, if its a fuller brow or a more defined brow I would recommend soft powder/combination brow which is created by machine. This can be natural, softer or bolder. I use a variety of techniques to achieve desired looks.

Contact me today to get your permanent makeup journey started. I can’t wait to start working with you and showing you how good your eyebrows can look, all with minimal input in the mornings.



I’m always more than happy to help with any questions and concerns you might have about permanent eyebrow makeup, so if you’d like to know any more about the services that I offer, make sure to get in touch. 

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