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Interested in becoming a lash artist?
Whether you want a change of career, start a career or wish to offer new treatments, then this is a great opportunity for you!

My 8 years of knowledge has been put into my in depth training. Its accredited with ABT and insurable. The one to one training is split across 1 - 2 days depending on which training course you choose (I can help with this). A full luxury LONDON LASH kit is included with manuals, a practice doll head a certificate and a discount code for lash supplies and insurance. There is no need to worry about finding or bringing a model, I have many models on a waitlist! 

Training Options: 
-Classic (one day)
-Russian Volume (one day)
- All techniques (Classic, Russian Volume & Hybrids) two days & free unlimited shadow days.

I'm Stacey, I have been a lash artist for 8 years and absolutely love it! It changed my life and id love to help change yours! from learning to lash to business advice, I'm here to help!  

I offer 1 to 1 training at my very own home salon in Colchester, Essex! its a beautiful & private space with lots of parking right outside the door.

My training is more of a mentorship where you will have my full support and contact during your training and after to guide you and give advice.

(lunch is provided but if preferred there is a variety of drive thru/service stations within a 5 min drive)

please use the contact form, email or phone number to get in contact. I'd love to teach you!


Photo of my work taken with a Canon Camera & Macro Lense

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Lash Training Contact Form

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FAQs For Eyelash Training

How long does Eyelash Extension Training take?

Two full days training and lots of practice! My eyelash training is more of a mentorship where I support you, not just a one day course then off you go. on your first day you'll learn all about eyelashes and classic training. After day one you will go and do classic clients and practice practise practice! in a months time you'll come back for day two, which will be Russian Volume and how to create Hybrid sets.

Is Eyelash Training worth it?

YES! I believe Eyelash Training is worth it. I have my own successful business of 8 years. It works around and fits into a lot of people life's whether you wish to work part time, full time, evenings only or day time only. its a job that clients need very regularly and is very rewarding. Earnings can be very high and the better you are the more you can charge. 

How much is Eyelash Extension Training/Course

Eyelash Training/Courses can range in prices and duration. My BEST SELLER training "3 in 1 Lash Mentorship" is £697 and the duration is 2 full days one month apart. A full kit included with a student discount for future lash supplies and some business guidance. 15 full sets would give you your money back! I offer free shadow days if your struggling feel free to come in and watch me lash for the day. I offer full support during and after your training, you can send photos on what's app and I can give feedback. 

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